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10 Magic Tricks That Went Horribly WRONG!

From being buried alive to getting hit by a car on stage in front of a large crowd, here are the 10 magic tricks that went horribly WRONG!

Some of the magicians and dangerous tricks mentioned in the video are :

Great Lafayette :

Sigmund Neuberger otherwise known as famous illusionist the Great Lafayette and was the highest paid magician of his time. He met his untimely death while performing his signature ‘Lion’s bride’ illusion, which involved him swapping places with a live lion.

Bullet trick :

The bullet catch is arguably one of the most dangerous and daring illusions that a magician can attempt, even when performed in a controlled situation. Legends surround the trick, claiming that more than twelve magicians have been killed while performing it.

The wife/assistance of a Polish magician had a routine where she faced a firing squad of six soldiers. She lost her life in a fatal performance of Bullet Trick.

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