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10 schoolchildren stabbed in China; Assailant kills himself!!

On the Morning of Monday 29 Feb, A shocking incident took place at Haikou, the capital city of the southern island province of Hainan , when a man stabbed 10 schoolchildren before killing himself reportedly.

As per sources, Six boys and four girls were attacked outside Yang Fan Primary School in the city of Haikou,southern China. Sources told that all of the injured children survived the attacks and were hospitalized immediately. However, the motive for the attack remains still a mystery.

Haikou map
Haikou map

Police officials told that attacker was driven to commit the attack by “doomsday” rumors reportedly. Moreover, it was also suspected, that the these kind of attacks were mostly carried out by disaffected perpetrators with mental illnesses.

The horrible incident has sparked an outrage among Chinese parents, who demanded enhanced security at schools, and prompted nationwide discussion of what caused these kind of attacks.

Refrence image "Stab Criminal"
Refrence image “Stab Criminal”

Recently, China has seen a series of stabbing attacks at various schools in recent years. Reportedly in year 2014, a man fatally stabbed three children at a primary school in central China before committing suicide by jumping off a building. Later, an initial investigation revealed that attacker was upset that his daughter was not allowed to attend the school after failing to complete a summer homework assignment.

While in 2012, sources reported that a maniac raced toward a school gate in Henan province, flailing a knife. As the terrified youngsters tried to flee, he chased and wounded 23 of them.

Source : CNN