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The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World !

Here is the awesome new video by EliteFacts listing some of the smallest dog breeds on earth, some of these breeds are so tiny and cute that these can be listed for being smallest animals in the world.

Some of the dog breeds listed in the video are :

The Pomeranian : These dogs look like tiny balls of fluffy cloud and they’re just as cute too. They weigh around 4lbs and are one of the most popular breeds in the entire world. They are extremely lively so don’t just expect this lap dog to sit on your lap, they have oodles of energy to brain every day.

The Papillon (pappy on): It is another breed with large strange ears that have strands of hair coming from there. they are extremely small in height and weight at 8lbs and 8 inches.

The Chihuahua : It is arguably the most famous of the teacup dogs, having adorned the catwalks with celebrities for nearly a decade now. They average around 6lbs in weight. They date back to Mexico around 300BC which means they’re one of tghe oldest dog breeds ever.

Here is the video listing some of the most smallest and cutest dog breeds in the world :