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14 Ways To Gain Visibility On Facebook

Here are the 14 different ways to get Facebook Likes & Shares,

  1. Be Consistent
    Post 5 times a week so you’re “top of mind” for your Fans.
  2. Time it right
    The best time to post will depend on the type of business you’re in.
  3. Use eye-catching images
    Make sure your selected photographs are appealing and go hand in hand with the essence of the content. Alternate photos and video with text-only updates. Images are the most shared piece of content on Facebook — and all social media for that matter. This is why Instagram and Pinterest have done so well.
  4. Keep it short
    Posts between 100 and 150 characters (fewer than 3 lines of text) see 60% more Likes, comments and shares than longer posts.
  5. Be relevant
    Your content should let your audience know that you know who they are.
  6. Use your authentic voice
    People are your Fans and friends because they like what you do. Your voice on Facebook should be true to your brand.
  7. Include a call to action
    If you ask your Fans to Share, Like or Comment, they are more likely to do it.
  8. Be creative with apps
    Contest and promotion apps, along with forms, surveys, etc. can deepen users’ involvement with a business or brand.
  9. Have a sense of urgency

    Include up-to-minute tips and tricks, and whenever possible, dispel myths. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of what’s going on in your niche — and to share that with your followers. What you don’t want to do is share a post that’s a year old and no longer relevant.

  10. Offer value
    Before you share something on Facebook ask yourself if you think your Fans will find value in the content.(If they don’t find any value in it, they won’t share it!)
  11. Be entertaining
    If your followers like funny memes or respond well to video, take note. Use the type of media that works best for your audience.
  12. Be educational
    People love to share how-to guides and tips.
  13. Make a list
    Lists, in the form of an info-graphic or a a blog post are great for sharing. People love posts that are “Top 10 Ways to…” or “12 Important Tips on…”.
  14. Be seasonable
    Tailor your content to the season or an upcoming holiday. A great way to get more shares is to do a promotion based on a holiday.


Here’s the info-graphic, for your reference:


Do you agree with the list?

I hope it helps you get more likes on your Facebook Page!