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14 yr Old Meerut Boy wins the International Shooting Championship in Italy

Rightly said, You Dream Big & You Get Big! This 14 year old boy, Shapath Bharadwaj, from Meerut city has made our country proud, by being the youngest participant and final winner of “The 13th International Grandprix Junior Shooting Championship” held at Porpetto in Italy.

Bharadwaj was the youngest participant in this shooting championship but his dedication and passion for the game made him win both the individual and team medals. Undoubtedly, there has been a lot of hard work and years of practice that goes behind creating a champion.

And behind Bharadwaj’s success was his personal coach Mr. Yogendra Pal – who believed in his talent and nurtured it in the right direction. The young boy also gives credit to the chief Indian team coach Vikram Singh Chopra, who gave lot of valuable inputs. He says:

All credit goes to those who developed my skills all these years including my personal coach Yogendra Pal ‘Yogi’. Also, chief coach of team India, Vikran Singh Chopra, gave me some valuable inputs that helped me concentrate better.

As part of the team game, the Indian double trap team scored 403/450 winning a gold medal. Bhardwaj individually scored the highest score of 139/150 in the five qualifying rounds and a perfect 30/30 in the semi-finals.

Earlier in the year, he had competed well in the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany, in April and the 8th International Junior Shotgun Cup in Orimattila, Finland, in May.

Bhardwaj is a student of class IX at St. Mary’s Academy and alongside he also pursues double trap shotgun shooting, as a passion. Certainly, his passion and perseverance paid off in a big way. But this is just a beginning of a far reaching and successful shooting career.

This teenage boy is an inspiration for all the youngsters, who wish to pursue their dreams! We wish him heartiest congratulations & good luck for the future.