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2 suspects killed, 7 arrested in a major security operation in Paris

On Wednesday (18th Nov 2015), two suspects of the terror attacks were killed and seven detained during an anti-terrorist police operation in the Northern suburbs of “Saint-Denis”, Paris. The Paris police commissioned a high intensity raid that was focused on two apartments on the same street at Saint-Denis.

Arrested suspects includes three men who were found in an apartment during the police raid, and a male and female who were detained near the apartment.

It was also Confirmed that a female blew herself at the scene by activating her suicide belt.

Saint - Denis Police Operation
Saint – Denis Police Operation

According to the French government spokesman, Stephane Le Foll the police operation was successfully conducted. He said, “Suspects targeted in Saint-Denis were about to move on some kind of operation. Hence, the raid was right on time”

The security operation was linked to the deadly attacks that rocked the French capital five days ago. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks, is one of the potential targets of the operation.

It is a real shock to see that such terrorist groups are taking shed in and around our own World. They might be in the building next to ours or may be moving on the same streets and roads.

As citizens, the only way we can contribute is by being more attentive and informing any suspicious activity to the concerned dept. – so that such terrorist virus is destroyed from the roots.

Source : CNN