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2015 was the Year of ‘Bans’ for India !

We are now on the threshold of year 2016. And before we completely bid goodbye to the current year, let us recapitulate the some sweet memories of bans Indian Government gave us this year.  From eating preferences to reading preferences, to entertainment industry, mostly this was the year of bans for India.

Here is the list of some bans forced by Indian Government to the public, justified or not it is for you to decide:

Beef ban in Maharashtra and Harayana

President Pranab Mukharjee approved Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill (Amendment) 1995, earlier this year. According to this anyone found to be selling beef or in possession of it in the state, can be jailed for five years and fined INR 10,000.

However the question is, as India being a secular state, is this ban defensible?

beef ban
beef ban

Ban on using Curse words in Bollywood

2015 has been a very productive year for Bollywood. Small budget movie and all high budget movies scored well at the box office. But for some directors, Censor Board of Film Certification chief Pahlaj Nihalani just used scissors on their reels. Be it cutting down the violent or sensual scenes, or muting the cuss words. There is a list of good 30 cuss words which are banned now in Indian Films.

Ban on accessing porn websites

This was most criticized ban of the year and it was a complete amazement to see Indian public openly contradicting this decision of Government. Almost 850 pornographic websites were banned in the process. And since there was a huge protest the ban was lifted within two days.

porn ban
porn ban

Ban on Fifty shades of grey the movie.

E.L. James’ novel adaptation, year’s most erotic romantic drama was banned for Indian audiences because of ‘strong’ language. A Universal Pictures source familiar with the review process said the board had objected to some of the film’s dialogue, even after the studio made voluntary edits to the film to tone down its sex scenes and removed all nudity.

banned fifty shades of grey
banned fifty shades of grey

Banning the release of documentary India’s Daughter

Government of India also banned the release of a BBC documentary India’s Daughter based on traumatic Nirbhaya Rape Case. “…There is derogatory language towards women, it seems to incite violence against women… there is also contempt of court in the context of the interview as the matter is sub-judice,” Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Rajyavardhan Rathore had said.

Ban on Maggi

Most criticized ban of the year after porn ban was on our favorite snack.  This faced a lot of trolls on social media and messaging platforms. Apparently, beyond permissible level of lead was found in the product.  More hard to digest news was Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit received court notice because of endorsing Maggi.

But now our Maggi has passed all the health tests and is back in our kitchens.


Liquor Ban in Bihar

In late November this year, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announced liquor ban in state effecting from April 1, 2016. The CM said although the excise duty earned from liquor is huge but the poor are most affected and we have to work in public interest. CM Nitish Kumar promised liquor ban during the poll campaign.

Well it will not be a surprise if CM will release a statement saying “Happy April Fool’s Day to my people”.


Source: OneIndia