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This 24-yr old quits IAS job to become an E-tutor!!

It is so inspirational to know that Roman Saini, a 24 year old medical student cracked the civil services entrance exams at the age of 22 and became assistant district collector and the youngest IAS officer. However, he later chose a different path in life by giving up the comfy IAS job – to help students across the nation by becoming an E-Tutor.

“I have a lot of respect for the civil services, but I think education is what will drive the nation and that is why I finally decided to work in this sector,”

“My focus is on making quality education accessible,” says Saini, “and I think the offline mode is not the way to achieve it.”

“A person who is from a poor financial background cannot afford such classes , also if you go to Bihar, Rajasthan you will find many students who want to go for civil services but they don’t know what exactly they need to do for getting a good training and they do not have enough resources to study, so after cracking my IAS exam I decided to come up with the website “Unacademy” to help these aspirants “.

” Every person has their own life, our great leaders like Gandhi ji, Nehru also had 24 hours and I also got 24 hours, it depends on how one uses it, and in future I will take time to be available for students online and will give them through training which otherwise means to spend lakhs of rupees in training institutes”

Roman Saini adressing students
Roman Saini adressing students

He uploads lectures on his Unacademy platform on YouTube for those aspiring to become doctors, civil servants, computer programmers, even experts in foreign languages.

Reportedly, his videos have been viewed by more than 1 crore students and ten of his followers on social media has cleared the civil services exams. One of follower, Aman Mittal, achieved a 20th rank last year.

Thanking Saini and Munjal, Mittal testified on Facebook:

“I came to know of the initiative (Unacademy) around 10 days before prelims. I remember watching the ecology and history lectures… I have to admit they were quite impressive. As I was preparing at home, I needed a constant source of motivation. So, after the mains, I watched Saini’s videos and the Tedx talk later which was really inspiring.”

Moreover, Saini’s education platform Unacademy has around 20,000 Twitter followers and more than 64,000 Facebook likes.

Roman and Gaurav, Founders of Unacademy
Roman and Gaurav, Founders of Unacademy

Roman Saini was inspired in the venture by his school friend Gaurav Munjal, who approached Saini with the idea when he was in the second year of the MBBS programme at AIIMS university.

Astonishingly, Munjal himself has stepped down as CEO of his start-up in Bengaluru and put the earnings from the sale of his company at the disposal of unacademy.in.

Roman is from a small village ‘ Kotputli ‘ from Rajasthan.His mother is a house wife and father is an engineer.

Source : TOI