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‘3D Food Printer’ could revolutionize the Kitchen!

Its looking straight out of the American Fantasy Sitcom I dream of Jeannie that one would wish for something and its there for him. This is the new age invention ‘3D Food Printer’ which is blurring the lines between reality and fiction. This could be a game changer which could revolutionize your kitchen in a way that you could never ever have imagined.

In our childhood all of us have listened so many fictional stories of having anything at just the blink of an eye, those were mere stories which started seeming less convincing as we grow up. But with the advent of artificial intelligence, computer programming and robotics a three-dimensional food printer has been designed and developed to create food recipes with difference at will in a very short span of time.

According to Hod Lipson from Columbia university this prototype ‘3D Food Printer’ is not developed to cater our all the demands of conventional cooking but it has been designed to produce infinite variety of customised fresh, nutritional foods on demand transforming digital recipes and basic ingredients supplied in frozen cartridges into healthy dishes that can supplement our daily intakes as per requirements of our daily nutritional standards.

“I think this is the missing link that will bring the benefits of personalised data driven health to our kitchen tables. It is the killer app of 3D printing,” he further added.

The eight frozen cartridges are fitted in this ‘3D Food Printer’ which could be navigated through its Robotic arm to create those unorthodox but specifically nutritional recipes which could change the dynamics of cooking in future.

The researchers are thinking in terms of bringing an Infrared heating element into the arm to add another dimension to this machine to bring a quantum shift in the procedures of orthodox cooking because with this innovative apparatus there is a liberty to cook various ingredients at different temperatures and different durations.

Now have a look at this interesting video of this superb invention which holds a lot of promise for the future and surprise yourself with it.

Source: The times of India