home Business 6 week long Facebook’s ‘Boost your Business’ initiative in UP was a big hit!

6 week long Facebook’s ‘Boost your Business’ initiative in UP was a big hit!

Close to six weeks ago, Facebook launched a ‘Boost Your Business’ campaign in UP. The motive was to connect with the SME’s (small and medium enterprises) to join FB’s business page to connect within the country and globally.

The results were terrific with more than 1,500 enterprises ranging from the ‘Blue Lassi shop’ in Varanasi to a ‘coffee shop’ and a ‘chaat joint’ in Lucknow, from ‘itra (perfume) industry’ in Kannauj to the nearly 100-year-old sweet shops in the congested lanes of Varanasi – came forward.

As a result, this would be a case study state for Facebook, to expand their initiative in other parts of the country as well.

“The campaign has just ended today. Now we would compile and look into the data. As we are going to expand (to other parts of the country), these stories from UP would act as case studies,” Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Facebook India


According to the FB, their team of 12 knocked on the doors of some 3,000 small entrepreneurs, extending help to people on how to use the platform. He claimed that as many as 50 per cent of them started using the platform to build for themselves a client-base and reach out to the existing ones.

Realising the potential, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who attended the campaign’s closing ceremony, promised that his government would be ready to work with “new ideas” even as he used the benefits of social media to take a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying “some even form governments with the help of social media”.

This is a great move to empower the small business owners and creative people, to initiate ideas and take it to large masses. It will truly do wonders both for consumers, distributors, owners and every one in the supply chain. The potential is immense!

Source: Indian Express