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8 Year Boy Surprised MSFT CEO Satya Nadella!

Being a ‘Tech Geek’ is not a child’s play, but in the case of Medansh Mehta, it actually is. Medansh recently met the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella in Mumbai and his confidence and conviction charmed everybody present there including Nadella. For him it was not a photo opportunity but a window to showcase his talent to CEO of the biggest IT Giant Microsoft and also to the world. He did it with utmost aplomb and confidence.

He displayed his gaming app ‘Let there be light’, during the CEO’s meet with student developers, to Nadella. The game is a city building simulator where you create factories and farms in order to construct a metropolis. But the uniqueness of the game is that players have to balance natural resources and the environment in the construction of their cities in order to succeed.

Hearing such a complex and adequately explained phenomena about environmental sustainability and Industrial growth from an eight year old boy Nadella was extremely Surprised and to this he replied,

“This is quite complex and good theme which everybody in the world is liking.”

Satya Nadella

Nadella was highly impressed with the vision of this little genius and referred about Medansh Mehta in his Keynote Speech.

He said, I met an eight year old, and this is perhaps the time where I felt most inadequate. And, the eight year old’s dream is to create a society who knows how to balance economic growth and environmental sustainability. This is the goal he has and then he translated the vision, that goal into a novel game that he’s built.”

The exuberance and energy of this young eight year old and sparkle was quite visible in his eyes. Medansh also asked from Nadella how he can achieve his dream to become the CEO of Microsoft one day, to which Nadella answered:

You are already ambitious beyond being the next CEO. The game has the sensibility that all of us need. 

Source: Indiatimes.com