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AAP’s TV ad : High Melodrama gets threatening remarks from opposition

AAP-led Delhi government has come out with a new TV advertisement, that highlights how it has improved governance in Delhi. The new advertisement campaign is a two-minute TV spot in which it makes claim that Kejriwal has money to spare for improving the life of people, as he saved by stopping corruption.

However, it invited heavy criticism from BJP and Congress parties.

BJP’s national secretary R P Singh said even though Chief Minister Kejriwal’s face is not seen, the way his name has been repeatedly taken as a ‘messiah of poor’ while leaders of other political parties, administrative officials and media have been projected as villains was a gross “violation” of apex court’s order. BJP has threatened to approach the apex court if the commercial was not withdrawn soon.

On the other hand, even Congress claimed it to be misleading.

Congress on Friday termed the new advertisement campaign of Delhi Government as ‘pathetic’ and said that it only glorified Chief Minister and AAP as equal to god. “Delhi Govt. ad is an absolutely pathetic and third rate advertisement. It glorifies a person which is just not permitted as a government advertisement,” Dikshit said.

According to reports, the campaign is expected to run for a week and the slots have cost the state exchequer about Rs 1.5 crore.

Watch out this commercial titled ‘Arvind is a saviour’ that our team sourced from an online channel:

In our opinion, this is an absolute mockery of the Indian politics and emotions of a common man. Rather than any comparison of Delhi’s betterment or progress work, what is being projected is a dramatic situation with one party as the hero and rest all as villians! We expect a more mature governance and betterment of our states rather than getting into child-like cat fights.

Source: Financial Express