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Abducted Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna returns home; said “kidnappers took care of me”

A 24 year old, Snapdeal employee, Dipti Sarna, safetly returned home on Friday, after she went missing for more than 36 hours in Ghaziabad on her way back home, from work. She told police that her abductors had set her free.

Surprisingly, Dipti called her parents on the morning of Friday and told them that she was on a train from Panipat and was coming to Vaishali, New Delhi.

Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna
Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna

Dipti’s father told sources :

“Around 6 pm, we received a phone call from an unknown number. It was Dipti. She told us that she was fine, and asked us not to worry.”

“She told me that she will come to Vaishali, but I asked her not to come to Vaishali and said I will come to New  Railway Station to pick her.”

“I don’t know how she came (managed to escape). She was calling me up from the phone of her co-passenger in the train. She was found sitting in the train. I don’t know whether she was in trauma”

Even-though, sources suggests that Dipti had not been harmed physically, the circumstances of her abduction and release are still under investigation. 

The Police told that Dipti Sarna was abducted near Raj Nagar Extension area while on her way home from work, on the night of Wednesday.
“She told us that the autorickshaw broke down near Mohan Nagar. Following this, she took another shared autorickshaw which had another woman and four men. Soon after, the driver started taking another route when Dipti raised an alarm.
“The other woman passenger managed to get out of the vehicle but the men stopped Dipti from jumping out. She said that they pulled her hair, slapped her once after she started screaming. She said that she was blindfolded”

Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dharmendra Singh told :

“We recorded her statement after she returned home on Friday and are trying to identify her abductors”

Dipti with family after returning home
Dipti with family after returning home

However, Dharmendra Singh, told that there were many question marks over various aspects of the abduction case, based on what Dipti has told police officials so far.

“The abductors told her that they had been tracking her movements for nearly 14 months. Moreover, they also knew her favorite brand of chips. But she told them that her name was Sneha. We asked her how could they not have known her name for 14 months?”

“We are going by what she has told us and verifying each aspect. We have not counter-questioned her. She has not been able to tell us where they had abandoned the autorickshaw in which she was allegedly abducted. There are a lot of things that need to be examined. We are giving her some time to rest”

Moreover, Sarna told police that she was blindfolded throughout the last 36 hours. SSP Singh said:

“Dipti told us that the autorickshaw was abandoned at some point and they moved her to a two-wheeler and later a car. They even gave her food. Late Thursday night, they left her at a railway station, telling her to board a train to New Delhi. The abductors allegedly told her that “some person” had earlier wanted to meet her. However, after the mounting pressure to find Dipti, the person declined to meet her,”

Currently, police is also looking for the other woman who reportedly shared the autorickshaw with Dipti Sarna and also making further investigations regarding the case.

Source: Business Standard