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Act of bravery by Indians in Singapore

It got the attention of many but it was only two brave Indians who literally climbed up to the second floor to help the 3-year-old girl whose head was trapped in between the rails of clothes drying outside. Both men, S Shammugun Nathan, 35, and P Muthukumar, 24, were lauded by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for their bravery act and hailed as real heroes. SCDF awarded the men with the Public Spiritedness Award for their actions in helping the toddler.

“The toddler was playing with an iPad when it fell over, which was why she tried to climb out after it,” Mr Muthukumar reported to NDTV.

Both of them work in the construction sector and were on a project in the Jurong East estate, a planning area of Singapore near the apartment block from where the toddler was heard crying.

Shammugun Nathan has been in Singapore for four years, while Mr Muthukumar has been the the country for three years.

Source: TOI, Eco Times