home Politics After Indira Gandhi, it is PM Narendra Modi to visit UAE in 34 years

After Indira Gandhi, it is PM Narendra Modi to visit UAE in 34 years

On Monday (17th Aug 2015) Prime Minister Narendra Modi successfully completed a 2-day visit to the UAE, where he was very well received by the Highness Crown Prince and all his five brothers.

Modi addressed the crowd of more than 50,000 Indians at the Dubai Cricket Stadium in UAE. The event saw a full house with the stadium packed and people chanting “Modi, Modi”.

PM Modi in Dubai


The PM laid great emphasis on the India-UAE ties and highlighted the fact that the country trusted Indians enough to invest Rs 4.5 lakh crore in India. Further, the countries also decided to set up a multi-billion dollar fund to tap investment opportunities in the India’s infrastructure sector.

The fund plans to raise up to $75 billion to support investment in India’s rapid expansion of next generation infrastructure, particularly in railways, ports, roads, airports, industrial corridors and parks. However, no details were available about the timeframe for raising the money or the investment plans.

The two sides also came out with a new course for cooperation in key areas like trade and investment, defence, security, maritime security and intelligence sharing. In addition, there will be strengthened cooperation between the UAE’s educational institutions and India’s universities and higher research institutions. It was decided to promote scientific collaboration, including in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable development, arid agriculture, desert ecology, urban development and advanced healthcare.

During his speech, the PM appealed the World to unite against terrorism and without taking names, he stressed on the remarks against terrorism w.r.t tension on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. This is just ahead of talks next week between the National Security Advisers of India and Pakistan.

Overall, this has been a very impressive way to strengthen the ties with neighboring countries! Welcome move.

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Source: TOI