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All planned for Modi’s China visit

Thursday, 14th May – is when our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is going to visit China for a 3-day tour. He has already made a virtual entry into the country by signing up into Sina Weibo, China’s adaptation of Twitter. In a couple of days, his account had recorded 11.12 million hits, including a posting by Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, who has pioneered his appearance on Weibo along with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Surprisingly, Modi seems to be combining a soft push for his visit to China, leveraging all of the ‘social media’, ‘Bollywood’ and ‘yoga’ to reach out to ordinary Chinese citizens.


The Indian and the Chinese film industries are also coming together in celebration of the Xuan Zang’s China-India connect. For the commercial release of the blockbuster PK in Chinese, Bollywood star Aamir Khan is also landing in Beijing. Moreover, a movie titled “Kung Fu Yoga” featuring Hollywood star Jackie Chan is also being made under the joint production.

Long way to go! We hope that this marks the foundation of a long lasting friendship.

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