home Business Amul India sets an ambitious Revenue Target of Rs. 50k crore by 2020

Amul India sets an ambitious Revenue Target of Rs. 50k crore by 2020

Amul is synonymous with dairy brand amongst Indian masses and classes. It is an Indian diary co-operative established in 1946 at Anand, Gujarat. Dr. Verghese Kurien, founder & chairman of the parent company GCMMF (Gujarat co-operative milk marketing federation) – is the man behind the success of Brand Amul.

Company plans to increase their turnover by more than double to Rs. 50,000 crore in next four years due to increase in demand for milk and value added items.The sale of Amul milk constitutes 50 percent of the total turnover, 5-7 % comes from commodity Business and rest comes from value added products, said Marketing Director R S Sodhi

The current fiscal (2015-16) turnover of GCMMF is Rs. 23,005 crore after the increment of 11% from the last fiscal.

The value added products include Amul cool and butter milk etc. This product segment of the company has grown substantially over the last few years which has propelled the tremendous growth of the company.

Amul set the target of 50000 turnover by 2020

Further, the GCMMF has increased its cheese producing capacity from 40 tonnes to 120 tonnes a day in last six months due to surge in demand. They are also planning to raise their milk production from current level of 281 lakh liter per day. There are 17 member unions of GCMMF and more than 36 lakhs farmers across 18600 villages in Gujarat.

The member unions of GCMMF have also established their plants in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan, also procuring milk from other states. They have in total 60 processing plants of which 40 are in Gujarat only.

So we can say they are expanding their base outside Gujarat and trying to procure more milk from other parts of India to increase their production of milk and value added products. By looking at the growth of last few years and strategy of increase in the production, company is on the path of achieving their preset targets.

Source: Business Standard