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An Indian toddler killed in a car accident in the USA

An Indian family, who recently moved to Seattle, USA, for better business prospect faced such an unfortunate life accident – that can never be healed all their lives.

Mother, Bhavya Panchakarla, 25, and her 2 year old kid, went on a morning walk when a car slammed into the child’s stroller. Bhavya was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, but the child could not be saved. Father, Naveen Panchakarla, works in information technology for Starbucks and the couple had only one child.

A close family friend commented, “The family had moved to Bellevue about four months ago after being elsewhere in the U.S. for a few months. The girl was an only child and her family returned immediately to India for the funeral and might not come back. It will be very hard for them as they are heartbroken.”

Police released a statement Wednesday saying the likely cause of the crash was the Nissan Sentra driver’s failure to yield right of way to oncoming traffic.

This is very unfortunate for the family and we give our condolences to the couple. It is so disturbing to know of such accidents in developed countries like US where people expect much better road sense. We appeal to the concerned authorities to initiate better traffic management and implement more strict speed limits on the road, to avoid loss of precious lives.

Source: Seattle Times