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Another earthquake hits Nepal in less than 3 weeks

It is unfortunate that in less than three weeks, Nepal has again witnessed a powerful earthquake, bringing down buildings weakened by the first disaster and killing at least 68 people, including 17 in India and one in Chinese Tibet, and another 1,000 who are badly injured. This new 7.3 magnitude quake was centred 76 km (47 miles) east of the capital in a hilly area close to the border with Tibet.

According to experts – the fact such a big quake hit so soon after the one last month is proof that another one — perhaps bigger, perhaps smaller — could come at any time.


People in the capital, came out on the roads in fear and misery. Many people in Lukla, a town that serves as a gateway to the Mount Everest region, rushed to the airport so they could be in an open area as the earth shook again. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, there were about seven more tremors in a span of less than two hours that took place after the main earthquake.


Courtesy: Financial Express
Courtesy: Financial Express


Out of the 17 people who died in India, 16 were in Bihar state and one in Uttar Pradesh. Even the metro services in Delhi and Kolkata were halted after this unexpected hit. Schools in Delhi were also evacuated and text messages were sent to parents assuring that the children were safe.

It is a difficult times for the families who lost their near and dear ones and also those who lost their houses, properties in the earthquake. This is just nature’s way of re-balancing life and we have no power over nature’s decision. We pass on our condolences to all the families hit by this earthquake and pray for safety of all.

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