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Apple’s iPhone 7 and Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Tim Cook and the company, made the new iPhone 7 launch event look as exciting as possible, but the device came with no surprises and had many features already seen on Android smartphones. Is the world’s best-selling handset, really worth upgrading to? Let’s check out some of its key features & critics review.

For the iPhone loyal fans and lovers, it’s evident that the iPhone 7 is a significant bump up from the iPhone 6S. Especially if you are fan of your phone’s camera and really value your photos.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the new smartphones take advantage of the latest iPhone software, iOS 10. The iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s version of a “phablet,” includes dual cameras to improve optical performance and photo quality.


  • Removal of the headphone jack: Both new iPhones utilize stereo speakers — both at the top and bottom of the devices — and Apple says they feature “increased dynamic range.” This would also mean means you’ll have to rely on a Lightning converter for your current headphones, or upgrade to a pair of Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Improved water resistance: The phone is now officially water proof and even the redesigned Home button on the iPhone 7 – is presumably in order to make the device waterproof.
  • New Finish: The bodies of the phones are made from aluminium and come in five colours – silver, gold, rose gold, black, (which has a matte appearance), and “jet black”. (which has a high-gloss look).
  • Upgraded cameras: The iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel wide angle camera, which Apple claims is 60% faster and 30% more energy-efficient than previous models, and has 4 LEDS in the flash.
  • Other things of note include, more storage, speakers, screen resolution and power

The customers in select 30 countries are able to pre-order the new phones from Friday, September 9, and the new devices will be available in shops from Friday, September 16.

Now lets take a closer look at what the critics are claiming:

With respect to the Wireless ipods, the publication Mossberg claims:

“The $159 AirPods only give you five hours of music listening time and two hours of talk time between charges in a handy little white case that provides 24 hours of additional juice. Apple notes that it’s proud of those numbers and that a 15 minute charge in the case gets you another 60 percent of rated battery life. Still, to me, they impose a limitation that standard, wired earbuds don’t have.”

In addition, the Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said:

Apple may be setting the stage for a dramatically different iPhone model to debut next year on the 10th anniversary of the smartphone first introduced in 2007.

There are some mixed reviews from the Verge:

They are the most terrific phones Apple has shipped. However, it quickly adds that this doesn’t mean they seem incomplete, and as if Apple is setting the groundwork for next year’s device. “The entire time I was using the iPhone 7, I felt like I had a prototype of next year’s rumored drastic iPhone redesign disguised as an iPhone 6. All those bold bets on the future are legitimately exciting, but here in the present using the iPhone 7 in a case feels a lot like using a iPhone 6S with a weirder home button and more adapters,”

The new smartphones come with Apple seeking to reverse declines in sales of the iPhone in an increasingly saturated global market however, analysts are split on whether new iPhones would help Apple regain momentum.