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‘Artificial Intelligence’ is Put on test in China!

In the era of cloud computing and automated systems the need of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is undisputed. In fact, the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, has also emphasized AI to be the Next Revolutionary Change. As a result, there will be experiments taking place in China by putting an AI Robot with actual grade 12 students.

Another AI robot is going into an entrance examination of National College for the admission in first class universities next year. It will compete with approximately 9 million Chinese students. Such is the beginning of a BIG EVOLUTION.

The AI robot has to complete the examination within the stipulated time frame like all other students. The robot would be linked with a proctor to translate the questions to digital form then it will be answering their questions with the help of printer loaded with examination paper.

The robot would not be taking up the entire sections of this prestigious Chinese exam but it would take up only three sections; Mathematics, Chinese language or literature and culture sections of test.

iFlytek the Chinese company that is working on this interesting project with the Government of China thinks that this test would be best suited to measure the quantum of robot’s thinking and reasoning ability.


“Performing well in the test requires advance technology in human machine interaction, knowledge management, inference learning which are key technologies we are committed to developing through this project”, Liu Quinteng, CEO of the iFlytek, said.

The robot will be completely delinked with internet while going through this prestigious test, this will test the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence programme of the robot. This would be interesting to see how robot performs in the sections of literature and culture because the questions in these sections will be more subjective than questions of mathematics which are objective in nature.

The science of robotics is certainly going up a notch higher with these kind of experiments in near future. These technological advancements would enhance the intelligence of these machines to desired heights with bare minimum operational glitches.

Source: The Stack