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Beware….e-commerce websites might be selling you replicas

We all love to shop and nowdays online shopping is even more fun! E-tailers have made it so easy by offering a variety of products, delivered at the doorstep and at very competitive prices. Ever wonder how do they manage to give all of it at once? Something’s fishy…isn’t it?

According to a Mumbai based apparel distributor, these large e-commerce companies are often involved in the sale of replica products to achieve cost efficiency. The saree distributor Shree Meena Creations accused Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and about two dozen sellers on these e-commerce platforms for selling replicas of its copyrighted sarees.

Just to give you an estimate, the distributor claims that its Joh Rivaaj-branded sarees are priced between 3,600 and 4 lakh but their copies are available online for as low as 1,200 to 2,700. Wow, isn’t that amazing!



In an argument from the e-tailers, the Flipkart spokesperson commented, “It is merely a marketplace platform to connect sellers and consumers, and doesn’t sell anything on its own. We take strict action against sellers who attract negative feedback about their service or are found to be engaged in selling products that are fake, in violation of copyright or any other applicable laws of the land.”

With respect to the lawsuit, it has been filed in the Bombay High Court towards the end of March, but is yet to be considered by the judge.




For the consumers, it is always tempting to buy cheaper deals and combo offers however it is advisable to keep an eye for the authenticity of the seller and genuine mark for the product – so that your next purchase is worth that money! Happy shopping!

Source: Economic Times