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The Biggest Mistakes You Missed In Recent Films!

Sometimes we love a movie so much that we watch it dozens of times and know almost every line and scene by heart. Throughout the day we often recite various lines or jokes from our favorite movies to entertain friends and annoy our significant others in the process. Of course, if you watch a movie a lot or subscribe to a particular franchise you become invested so much that you start noticing things other don’t.

Specifically, watch a movie a lot and you’ll notice continuity errors, plot holes and other mistakes that made it past the editing room and into the final cut. For the most part these errors are so minor that they have no effect on a film. That said, if you are into a particular movie franchise or film, these little slips can drive you bonkers every time you see them.

For 2015, Hollywood released a number of much anticipated films. For the most part, these films were part of a larger franchise and therefor had significant fan bases. Terminator Genisys, Mad Max Fury Road, Jurassic World and Minions are all part of a larger storyline and their fans are usually pretty dedicated to the storylines. In such cases, when mistakes and goofs are made, fans jump on them right away and highlight what the film crew missed.

In a way, it’s turned into a bit of a fun undertaking for fans and movie goers as they try to hunt down the various slips which inevitably appear in every movie release.

Check out the new video by TheRichest listing the biggest movie mistakes in recent movies that you might haven’t noticed :