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BSF Jawans would get “Cool Jackets” to negate heat in Thar Desert!

Scorching heat in the months of May & June seems unbearable to us but think of the Jawans of Border Security Force (BSF) at Thar Desert and all the Western Borders, torrid. The terrible summer heat they have to experience with the temperature hovering around 50 degrees or more. They don’t only bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions but still have to do their duty of guarding our Nations Borders.

This continuous heat of more than 50 degrees takes its toll on health of our brave soldiers.

The Government of India along with their Research and development wing Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), is working on the idea to provide “Cool Vests with Phase Change Material (PCM) technology”, to give some respite to our Jawans who are not only waging a continuous battle at the borders, but also against the rough and hostile conditions at Thar Desert.

PCM is said to be thermal reservoir of cool calories which help in neutralize the excess gain of heat and maintain the required body temperature. These devices are fitted in a jacket and also can be worn under any uniform of the Jawans. These devices can be thermally recharged many times for years.

Thar desert

PCM cool vests have gone through a trial test before but it has some operational issues and defects due to which these jackets couldn’t be provided to the force at that time. DRDO made an account of all the shortcomings and started working on these faults afterwards

Now they have worked upon all these gray areas and conducting a second trial Shahgarh Bulge Desert Area to measure up the actual efficiency of these advanced jackets. This trial is looking very close to desired criterion and would be finished in few days time. Hopefully very soon these special jackets would be available to our Jawans.

Source: The Civilian.in