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Cheaper air fare at the cost of zero check-in baggage

Unlike personal travel, the business travel is usually light and passengers may or may not always carry the check-in baggage. Making use of this attribute, the budget airline Air Asia India announced that the airline is ready to lower its base fares by 5-7% — a cut of roughly about Rs 150 to Rs 400 per ticket — if the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) allows airlines zero free check-in baggage.

Experts have always said that nothing is free in an airline, if something is not charged separately it would be built into the fare.

However, in this case the logic of the airline is that passengers not carrying any check-in baggage need not pay the built-in cost of carrying 15 kg baggage that airlines charge in overall fare. As an unbundled service — where everything is treated separate and paid for by those who use them, only those carrying baggage should pay for checking-in baggage.This can be a welcome move for the passengers, where you pay as per your baggage weight itself. But few may argue that this is going to create an excess burden for those who are used to carrying personal baggage as a practice. What do you guys think, is it going to be beneficial for the larger group of passengers or not? Let everyone know your stories/opinion.

Source: Hindustan Times