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Video: ‘Luxury on Wheels’ by Indian Railways!

With growing focus on ‘India’, as one of the most promising & upcoming nations of the World, there is an inherent responsibility to improve it’s infrastructure and pave way to country’s growth.

As part of this very agenda, the Indian Railways completely revamped it’s facilities and launched the new enhanced passenger amenities rail network.

This new modernized railways comes with adequate fire safety measures, refurbished coaches with aesthetically appealing and improved interior furnishings.

Through this video you will be able to take a closer look into the same.

These passenger coaches have been designed by Bhopal’s coach rehabilitation workshop (CRWS), Nishatpura. As part if the ‘Luxury on Wheels’ for Make in India, facilities includes:

  • Fire extinguishers on both side of coach
  • Spacious seats, wider side berths
  • Clean toilet system with soap case and dustbin
  • Seats equipped with jerk-less springs
  • LED reading lights, snacks table in side berths
  • Multi mobile charging points
  • Fire-proof seats made of poly vinyl material
  • Floor of the coach painted like carpet
  • Middle berths have side support and railing instead of chains

Really, it makes us so proud of a nation that is in its rapid growth phase with highly modernized systems being set in place! Exciting times for the country.