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Chennai School Boy created an App to assist our Fishermen!

Ramesh Advay, a class 10th student from Chennai was selected amongst the 20 finalists to compete for the $ 50,000 scholarship at the Google Science Fair 2016. He proves that age or maturity is not a factor to become a genius. This 14 year old boy from Chennai earned a whooping $ 10,000 scholarship by participating and winning the Google Science Fair 2016.

He achieved this feat at a tender age by creating a wonderful maritime application to help the local fishermen, which would allow them to navigate in the sea without any fear of crossing International maritime boundaries in the sea.

Ramesh got this absolutely wonderful idea by continuously hearing the news of our fishermen being caught in the sea by Sri Lankan Navy for the violation of International maritime boundary, so with the intention to equip them with something smart and technologically advanced system.

Maritime application
Ramesh Advay

He thought on these lines and created this wonderful maritime application to help these aggrieved fishermen, who have to face these hassles to do their jobs.

But before creating this superb maritime application he also spoke to some local fishermen to really understand their difficulties and concerns while performing their duties in the sea.

With limited space to do the fishing, they tend to drift away knowingly or unknowingly and get into the trouble. They also go 12-13 km further into the sea and stay overnight so they need technology that is reliable and cheap,” Ramesh explains.

Ramesh is now hoping to take his work forward by converting this maritime application into a hand-held GPS device which will be directly connected to our indigenous Indian Regional Navigation System (IRNSS) to determine the location of fishermen and create an emergency system.

He further states that:

Location based information can provide many valuable services to these fishermen to handle the tough situations in the sea.

He is also trying to accommodate some more features like international maritime boundary alert, tracking of the travelled path of fishermen and also their catchment history to make their jobs safer and easier with these alert mechanisms so they can also plan in advance.

Source: Mashable India