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Again comes the Party Time of the Year: Here are some Do’s & Don’ts for the Party Lovers

This is again the time of the year when we feel the need to catch up with people that we have spent the last 11 months trying to avoid. ;p Whether it is a fancy bash, or a more casual affair, there are plenty of events leading up to Christmas up until the New Years. And we smartly bring to you the set of responsibilities, if you want to be the model guest. So that you are invited year after year!!! Yayy!



  • Be a bore. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Ask questions. But not too many. Maybe just nod along with a conversation…
  • Don’t be too opinionated. There is a fine line between having a lively and enjoyable debate and having an all-put slanging match. Know where that line is.
  • Bring something that requires a lot of prep.: Especially for Potluck parties, don’t bring something that will require a ton of prep space or kitchen time on the party end. Chances are your host has been cooking all day and counter space in the kitchen is at a premium.
  • Vanish without saying goodbye to your host: At least find your host and let them know that you had a lovely time 🙂


DO 😀

  • Conduct: Do not arrive early and do not arrive late. Another important thing, ask once or twice whether there is something you can do to help, but keep in the back of your mind that some hosts are complete control freaks and do not want you anywhere near the kitchen.
  • Talk to people you don’t know: Talking to new people is also a HUGE favor to your hostess, who will have to worry less about guests who don’t know a lot of people at the party.
  • Be Present: You might be addicted to checking your social media accounts every hour, or find another party guest to be a real snooze, but that’s no excuse to check your phone. Cell phones should be left off the dinner table.
  • The Gift: Some say it is not necessary, but a hostess gift is always nice. It does not have to be flashy or over the top, but for the love of all things from the re-gifting cupboard, do gift your host.
  • Enjoy Yourself—Within Reason: Do not over-indulge, be it on alcohol or food. Of course your host wants you to make yourself comfortable and feel at home, but you’re still a guest at someone’s party.

We hope that you make most of the party season and end up having a blast and be a rockstar at every event you go to!

Wish you a happy holiday season and do party hard 😉