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Comparing PM Modi’s foreign trips with former PM Manmohan Singh’s

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is often criticized for this long foreign trips, with some claiming it as paid-vacations, however from a closer look we realize that it is not way different from the travel by former PM Manmohan Singh’s. As a matter of fact, Modi’s trips has helped in up scaling India’s image on the International front and brought greater ‘diplomatic dividends.’

According to TOI, Modi took 57 days to cover 18 countries in his first year in office, whereas Manmohan Singh travelled to 14 countries over 42 days in the first year of UPA-II, that is after having already served a full five year-term.

Courtesy: Times of India

According to government sources, ‘The travels of two PMs were significantly different in terms of visibility and impact, both at home and abroad. Unlike Singh’s foreign trips which largely went unnoticed at home and in the countries he visited, Modi has made an impact wherever he has gone.’

It is a known fact that Modi is well versed with online channels of communication. His strong presence on Twitter and innovative ways of public outreach such as presence on Weibo (Chinese version of twitter) even before the China visit, are small but very influential steps in building bilateral relations.

In fact, Modi is also using the online medium to communicate about the opposition parites. Recently there were strong allegations by former PM claiming that center government has put the institution of democracy under threat and is not healthy for the nation as a whole. To this, there was a cordial meeting set up and both the parties discussed the economic situation in the country and next steps on the foreign policy issues.

This is what, Modi tweeted after the meeting:

Great way to clear the clutter Mr. Modi! We are impressed with your ways to reach out, both at International arena and on the domestic front. Kudos!

Sources: TOI, Indian Express