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Delhi reports Death from Dengue! Here are some Do’s & Dont’s for the Season

Monsoons come with its own charm, lovely rain and cooled down temperatures. On the other hand, it makes the city dirty;  water puddles, flooded streets and breeding mosquitoes become a common sight. With an improper City Drainage System, the monsoons can actually be very harmful or sometimes life threatening. Therefore, we bring to you the necessary Precautions for this season:

It is very unfortunate that Delhi’s 17-yr old resident lost her life, succumbing to this water-borne disease. Hence, we urge the common public to take these simple precautions in their daily lives and stay healthy.

  • Drink Clean Water: It is very important to consume clean and germ-free water. In areas that do not have access to clean water, please ensure to boil the water before consuming. Most of the germs spread through water, during this season
Clean Water
Clean Water
  • Maintain Hygiene: Simple yet very effective way to ward off any infection. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap thoroughly. Wash all the vegetables and fruits before consuming. Wash utensils every day.
  • Eat cooked and Warm foods: It is always advisable to eat cooked meals. This ensures that the germs are not present at all, in the food item. In fact, cook food at high temperature so as to kill harmful bacteria
  • Dispose Animal and Organic wastes properly: Be alert and always use proper bins and designated areas for garbage disposal. Especially in case of animal and organic waste. Leaving it unattended with make it a breeding ground of mosquitoes
  • Do not consume food from roadside vendors: No matter how enticing it seems, cautiously avoid consuming foods, fruit juices, and milkshakes from roadside vendors.
  • While traveling ensure that you drink only bottled water. Wash your hands after every meal and eat cooked meals only
  • Avoid using ice-cubes from small or unhygienic vendors: It is another common source of spreading germs.
  • Do not let water accumulate at any place: Ensure that there is no water puddle nearby your house or locality. Within your house, do not let the water accumulate anywhere for days, as it becomes a bacteria-hub.

We hope that you will find these tips useful and urge you to share with your near and dear ones.