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Drug Challenge by High School Kids

This ain’t your average millennial challenge.

In humanity, we’re always trying to push ourselves to the next level. But the school kids in Scotland took this to the very next level.

They challenged one another on Facebook to see how much each of them could take of the over-the-counter drug paracetamol. The drug, which is literallyTylenol, is meant for fever reduction and pain relieving and not for how much you can take before it gives you a small OD effect. The Scotsman had a word with Alan Ward, the head of schools at East Ayrshire Council:

“The challenge results in young people daring each other, through Instagram and Facebook, to take excessive amounts of paracetamol and this is a matter of great concern

We have been communicating with parents, encouraging them to monitor their child’s safety on social media. We are urging parents to talk to their children about the potential dangers of taking paracetamol and to discourage their children from engaging in any online activity in support of this dangerous craze.”

No deaths have been reported (hopefully not yet, at least), but now that the challenge is in the eye of those in charge, hopefully this silliness can come to end. I understand trying to move forward and be the best, but channel that energy into something a little more productive.

Source: The Scotsman