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‘Dubsmash’ fever is blowing up the nation! Try it out!!

Do you like Indian cinema? Ever thought of acting in any funny/comical or emotional scene of your choice? Folks, now with the help of this new Dubsmash mobile app, all of this is possible.

Dubsmash is an application that allows users to choose an audio recording of well-known quotes, songs and dialogues from a list, and record a video of themselves. Technically, they act in and dub to a pre-recorded audio. And it is so much fun to do the recording with your friends and fellow mates and see yourself in the frame.

This is the next big thing after ‘selfies’ in the virtual world. Even the bollywood stars are using the app quite frequently and they post the recordings on twitter, facebook and youtube.

Check out these most popular Dubsmash shots and create some of your own!

  • Salman Khan’s First Dubsmash Video with Sonakshi Sinha

  • Dubsmash of Alia Bhatt

  • ‘Teja main hoon, mark idhar hai!’ also seems to be a popular choice

Do share the link with our friends and family to try out this new fun app. Have fun!