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“Eco Air Cooler” is a ray of hope for Rural Bangladeshis!

Lack of Power Supply and frequent Power cuts, is quite Prevalent in the rural areas of Bangladesh. And due to economic disparity, villagers aren’t able to afford any power back up machines. However, creating “The Eco-Cooler” by Re-purposing used soft drink and water bottles, has turned out to be a Revolutionary idea for the community.

Bangladesh is also reeling under the heat wave-like all the South Asian countries.The heat is taking its toll, especially on the huts made of tin, which sizzles like an oven in this sweltering heat of summers.

But the Out of the Box thinking by Ashis Paul, has created a simple but effective Air Cooler, made up of empty plastic bottles – that works without electricity & reduces temperatures up to 5° celsius. 

He was inspired by the physics lessons of his daughter. The system is built with empty plastic bottles, by cutting the bottles into two halves. Fitting the upper half of the bottle with bottlenecks into a board with such an arrangement that wider part of the bottle outside and bottlenecks towards inside the house.

This is an absolutely unique & affordable way to beat the scorching heat! 

Air Conditioner
Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

Now this apparatus is fixed into the window of the house, when hot air enters from wider part from outside to come out from bottlenecks by exerting a lot of pressure which in turn makes the air cooler. This eco-friendly, zero electricity Air Cooler is creating a lot of buzz in Bangladesh.

As a result, 25,000 households in Bangladesh have already got this system installed. The developers of this special device are claiming that it instantly decrease the room temperature by 5 degrees.

Watch this video to know more about it:

The reason behind it’s success is the cost effectiveness and environment friendliness. The empty bottles are used in large quantities in the production of these devices hence reduce the amount of litter in the environment.

Source:  Indiatimes.com