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Epic Art created by “Fireflies” in Japan; You just can’t miss this!

Summers are the gateway of holidays for the people all over the world. One such destination is ‘Japan’, a country of towering volcanoes, clear blue lakes and Jaw dropping ancient temples; but off late a completely new natural phenomenon of onset of Fireflies has struck Japan’s dense forests which has drawn the attention of photographic enthusiasts.

It’s true that people look to travel different places to explore mountains, valleys, beaches, islands and exotic resorts to experience the inherent natural beauty. The nature has so many surprises in store for us, we can’t even imagine!

However, the land of rising sun Japan is one such place which has special reasons to attract people from every nook and corner of the world.

In the month of May & June, the earnest photographers visit the mystical woods of Japan in the quest of capturing the fairy tale images of sparkling Fireflies which give them the chance of looking at these glowing creatures, through their lenses.

Here are some of these mesmerizing Scenic images!

Have a delightful and refreshing look at these ‘out of the world’ locations through the lense of some extremely talented photographers – who have taken this artistic sojourn for the world.

Fireflies making a glowing pathway
Fireflies Spread
Fireflies Spread
Scattered Fireflies 
Fireflies Gizmo
Fireflies Daytime Imagery


Hope even you enjoyed these lovely images, full of nature’s surprises!