home Society, World Even the animals in New York City have such Luxuries in life!

Even the animals in New York City have such Luxuries in life!

In a recent announcement to provide luxury care for the Animals – flying through New York – the JFK airport has extended its first-class treatment. The services will be implemented starting next year, wherein, the fur, feather, and scale-covered animals (belonging to richie rich) will get their very own terminal: The ARK.

The main reason why this space was curated is for animals to undergo as little stress as possible while in the quarantine process.

Built on an unused cargo terminal owned by New Jersey and New York’s Port Authority, the $48 million space will be able to handle the 70,000 critters that travel through the airport every year.

The ARK will feature stalls and showers for horses and cattle, spaces for penguins to mate, an aviary, and holding spaces for other animals. It will also feature a fancy hotel-for-dogs, run by Paradise 4 Paws.

According to NBC New York, the fancy space will feature “bone-shaped splashing pools, massage therapy, and ‘pawdicures with colored nail pawlish’… flat-screen Tvs and their owners can check in on them via webcam. – Woooh! What a life!

Source: NBC New York