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Ex-IAF Officer creates a Plane Replica with an “Open Cockpit”

Getting the glimpse of the cockpit of a plane, is not really easy. It is not otherwise accessible but masterly efforts of former IAF Officer Dinesh Nair has turned this dream into a reality. He has built a replica with exactly same interior of an Aeroplane & with an open cockpit like a private jet. This is to get acquainted with ever elusive mysteries and intricacies of a cockpit in an aeroplane.

It’s like giving you the liberty of flying your private Boeing 747 without any hinderance. This Novel concept opens up the cockpit to everybody and also bring plane closer to the passengers.

“I’ll just take off and show you how easy and safe it is to fly a plane,” says Dinesh Nair, a former Indian Air Force aviation engineer, sitting inside an aeroplane which is not on an airport tarmac but on the sixth floor of a building in Chandivali, north-east Mumbai.


“In a cockpit the decision has to be right every time,” he explains. “You cannot go wrong. Pilots may meet each other for the first time in a cockpit, but what binds them is training and their manuals. They don’t do anything based on memory but on a checklist.

Pilots flying plane are quite visible from the passengers cabin because it has been made that way; open cockpit to give the complete inside view while flying plane from the seats of passengers. The windows of the plane have Led panels which gave riverside view of river Rhine and Maine which gives a glimpse of European Countryside.

The plane has a pantry, a toilet and also a pilot’s jacket if one really wants to have complete exposure of flying with open cockpit.

Dinesh Nair has got the experience of 22 years in Indian Air forces MIG 21 safety and maintenance department. This project has been a result of great vision of Dinesh Nair who knows it very well that the people who have fear of flying have nowhere to go and get their answers regarding safety of planes in the mid-air.

Cockpit vista

After starting this project he has to go through a lot of queries of people who have fear of flying like what would happen to a plane in case of a pilot falls asleep or confronts with some medical emergency. He pacified all these people by showing autopilot mode of the plane which can bring plane down from 40000 feet to 5000 feet and can also land it safely on the run ways.

This interesting project of this flying enthusiast made it possible for the people who have some inhibitions regarding Flying in the plane, to have a look into the plane without actually boarding it physically.

Source: Rediff.com