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Has ‘Facebook’ become as Important as Our meal?

Is Facebook as important as your meal? Jokes apart, this is something very relatable. According to a research, we are spending as much time on our Facebook as time taken for eating and drinking, to be precise that is 1.07 hours a day per person. Facebook surfing has become an integral part of our lives like all other biological functions.

In such a fast paced world, we don’t have much time to meet our near and dear ones in person but Facebook has provided a platform to get connected to our loved ones. We are just at a distance of a click on Facebook.

Facebook is also providing assistance to various businessmen by connecting them to their customers and potential customers. For medium and small-scale enterprises Facebook marketing is proving a boon. Students are also deriving the benefit of jointly doing their school projects with the help of Facebook.

Facebook announced their first quarter result last week, their net income nearly tripled to $1.5 billion and  monthly active users hit a record 1.65 billion. But its a much smaller number that leapt out, fifty minutes. That’s the average amount of time the company said users spend each day on its Facebook Instagram and Messenger Platform excluding popular messaging app Whatsapp.

That means more than one sixteenth of users waking time is spent on Facebook. Its more than the time people spent on other activities like reading(19 minutes), sports or exercise(17 minutes) and social events(4 minutes).


Over indulgence in anything is always harmful which also applies in this case. If we start engaging more in Facebook our daily household and office chores would be affected.

Excessive use of Facebook and other Social media platforms could also lead to Internet addiction disorder. So like all other activities in our daily routine we have to find a perfect balance using all social media platforms. Its impact and reach is vast and unlimited, actually not measurable.

On the other hand, according to Mashable,com Facebook has a big impact on Global economy such as supporting 4.5 million jobs worldwide for marketers and app developers.

Seems like we are living in a Facebook Era!

Source: The Times of India