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Facts About Celebs You Probably Don’t Know

Here are 28 Crazy Facts Elite Facts gathered that you probably did not know about these famous people.

Woody Harrelson is one of Hollywood’s most well known faces, having starred in dozens of movies, but for one of his earlier roles in Natural Born Killers, he could have used his own life as inspiration; Harrelson’s father was a contract killer aka a “Hitman”.

Bob Marley‘s dad was white, he was a white English-Jamaican marine. Bob Marley was seriously embarrassed by his biracial background and resented his father so much that it influenced his entire musical career.

An associate of Hitler once had the cajones to remark to the fuhrer that “his moustache was unfashionable and looked silly”. Hitler simply replied “it may be unfashionable now, but it will be because I wear it”.

Internet icon and crazy faced actor Nicolas Cage had a strange pet, one he said made him a better actor by observing its movements. He had a pet octopus.

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