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“Faking News” : Humour packed in the form of Daily News

Headlines of the Month:

  • Arnab’s Newshour gets over in 5 minutes as all the panelists did not argue & agreed with whatever he said
  • After criticism on frequent foreign trips, Modi decides to send his hologram for upcoming Eurotrip
  • IT workers demand unblocking of adult sites at work citing violation of Net Neutrality
  • Unable to make any joke on Nehra, depressed fans sign petition to include Dinda in IPL

Joke or no joke, these are real headlines picked up from the daily News Sattire website called ‘Faking News‘. Launched in 2008, the website publishes fake news reports containing satire on politics and society of India. Their team does a great job of bringing the format and layout very close to real form of news reporting.

And its real fun reading that out – atleast a breather from the all-time ever serious routine news! Highly recommended.

Following is a poster released on the website, in the form of a movie release where they announce and celebrate the return of Rahul Gandhi after a sabbatical.

It is interesting to know that the news captured in the website has sometimes been so close to reality that it was mistaken to be a “real news”.

For example: Faking News report titled “Unable to figure out Google Wave, youngster kills himself” was mistaken as being true by an Indian website Oneindia.in on November 10, 2009. Another instance happened on Dec 22, 2013, when a satire article “IRCTC website running slow due to fog: committee report” was published as real news report by news magazine India Today.

That’s pretty interesting. Do check out their latest article titled ‘Rahul Gandhi’s letter to Indian Farmer’ and let us know your reaction to the same?#?