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The Family that Eats together, Stays together!

Today’s fast paced society has no time for social emotions and family bonding. Habits like eating together on family dinner table has become a thing of the past, due to errant time schedules and mismanagement of our daily routines. However, dining together has so much to offer on our plates that it has exceeded the merits beyond the customary nutritional advantages. We’ll tell you how:

A recently concluded research has shown the multiple benefits of dining together over the dinner table. In fact, ignoring it would be depriving yourself from such an important social trait, you would have never thought of.

Communication with your kids and other family members become a daily ritual reducing the awkwardness and communication gaps by enhancing the bonding between all the family members which eventually results in healthier and better relationships in the long run.

Inculcating the habit of eating different food items in your kids is always a big headache but if we start eating together frequently with our kids this will help them in familiarizing with different variety of foods, after a while kids will start accepting these new foods in their plates.

This is the most easiest way of developing the habit of trying new food items by gradually introducing while eating together. By doing this we can always make our kids quite familiar with healthier food options which are not as tasty as some junk food items but their nutritional benefits always outweigh the merits in the process. This way without any coercion, we inspire our kids to follow by leading the example.

Meals with the family have an added advantage that we try to incorporate the likes and dislikes of each and every member of family, this again helps in building the bridge between all the family members because everybody has to adjust accordingly.

eating together
eating together

The most important aspect of this explicit trait of eating together reinstated the faith by latest research which claims that kids who eat together 5 to 6 times a week with their families are less likely to be involved in any destructive behavior in their pre teens and teen years due to secure family atmosphere and surrounding which results in lower rate of smoking, drinking, and drugging among those kids.

But all these vices affect more to the kids who eat together two to three times a week with their families, due to less quality time with their parents in their formative years hinders their overall Physiology and Psychological growth which makes these kids more prone to disruptive and destructive behaviour.

It also helps in improving grades of the kids if we eat together frequently. As human beings we try to extract as much benefit from each and everything as it is possible, in this case what could be a more a compelling reason to emulate this practice of eating together in our daily routines to garner such a huge benefit of improvement in the grades of our kids, for which we always strive hard and do so many things.

Although family values is the last thing on our priority list these days, resulting in frequent breakdown of families off late. But this small little practice or a simple habit helps in evolving a well knitted family with ever-increasing bonding resulting in better communication, less problems which provides a wholesome atmosphere to each and every family member in their quest of becoming successful in their respective fields.

Source: Abbott