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Female lawyer held for killing 2 , after drunk driving in Mumbai

In another case of drunk-driving, Janhavi Gadkar (35), the VP (Legal) of Reliance Industries, allegedly rammed her Audi Q3 over a Taxi killing 2 and injuring 4.

The incident took place in Mumbai late on Monday night (8th June 2015) and she was found to be under heavy influence of alcohol. She drove on to the wrong lane of a major freeway and hit a taxi, in which there were 5 people – out of which 2 named Saleem Sabuwala and Mohammad Hussain were killed in this accident.

It is being reported that she tried to flee the crime scene and in that attempt she again hit two bikers, but the local crowd caught her and handed her over to the police. A case has been filed against her for culpable homicide not amounting to murder and for rash driving.

The police are in the process of collecting more physical and electronic evidence in the case. They are also recording the statements of witnesses, including that of the waiter who served alcohol to the lawyer at a south Mumbai restaurant on that night.

On the other hand, one of the survivors in the taxi informed that people around initially refused to help.

“An Innova car had stopped to see what had happened.  I opened their door, but they just drove away from there. There were very few people who came ahead to help us. There is no humanity left in the people of Mumbai.”

It is yet another incident that shows the diminishing human values among-st our society. The celebrations for riches begins with DRINKING but how do they get the courage to DRIVE afterwards and endanger other people’s lives? Even after injuring innocent lives on the road, they then have the guts to fly away from the incident or at max paying for their wrong doings by offering money. No matter what, taking away innocent lives can never be compensated by what so ever.

Our country needs to have much stringent rules in place, to ensure adherence to driving guidelines and strict action in cases such as this.

Source: NDTV