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Here is the First Song composed by Google’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Researchers have been attempting to make robots and artificial intelligence more creative over the past months – from drawing to writing quasi-dystopian poetry. Now we’ve got another piece of work from a Google machine: a 90-second melody.

Project Magenta

It’s the result of Google’s Project Magenta, which aims to use machine learning to create music and art, and bridge the communities between those interests with coders and researchers. Magenta is built on top of its TensorFlow system, and you can find the open-sourced materials through its Github

Here is the final product. You’ll not believe, that it has been entirely composed by a machine!

So, what do you think of this machine-made, sounds just like man-made music?


It looks pretty impressive for the beginning but researchers are still exploring the possibility of taking it a step ahead.

The team of researchers say that the challenge is not to just get Google machines to create art, but to be able to tell stories from it. After all, that’s what artists do with their crafts: to compose a narrative into their work then share them with the world.

Well, it won’t take very long before we will have a lot of art and services from the great power of AI. It will be a completely different world all-together. I just hope, it does not take away the human touch of life!

Source: PC Mag