home Business Global firms hire ‘Asians’ only as ‘Programmers’ and not as ‘Executives’

Global firms hire ‘Asians’ only as ‘Programmers’ and not as ‘Executives’

As per a research study conducted by Ascend, a group focused on Asian business issues, major technology companies such as Google and Yahoo are far more inclined to hire Asians as computer programmers than to promote them to become managers or executives. Quite shocking!

The study is based on 2013 data filed with U.S. employment regulators by five Silicon Valley companies namely Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and LinkedIn Corp. It reveals that there is a vast imbalance between the number of Asian technology workers in non-management jobs and the number in leadership positions in Silicon Valley.


The report found that Asians held 27 percent of the professional jobs yet only 14 percent were executives. By comparison, whites held 62 percent of the professional jobs at the studied companies, but filled 80 percent of the executive jobs. Asian women faced a “double whammy” of racial and sexual discrimination since just one Asian female executive for every 287 Asian women professional jobs at the five companies.

All this is very difficult to comprehend in the light of Global-ized economies and diminishing boundaries. Seems like the background holds much more importance than the real talent and individual potential.

What do you think India – have you also noticed this behavior at your workplace? or is it merely a coincidence? Do share your opinions and any constructive measures that can be taken?

Source: Eco Times