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Good News for the fans of comedy show ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’

Surprise, Surprise! There might be a second season of the very popular comedy show ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai‘ and this already brings smile on a lot of faces. Just to refresh our memories, the show was first aired in 2005 on Star One, a sitcom based on an upper-class family in Mumbai, starring Satish ShahRatna PathakSumeet Raghavan and Rupali Ganguly.

“Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” mostly revolved around the hilarious conflicts between the high class mother-in-law Maya Indravardhan (Ratna) and her middle class daughter-in-law Monisha (Rupali).

According to the series producer, Jamnadas Majethia, the Sarabhai cast has reunited and it promises some good news for the fans of this popular show.


This is how the cast celebrated the re-union:


The peak into the life of the dysfunctional family was a hilarious break from the saas-bahu dramas that still dot the television scene in India.

The humor of the show was in the little idiosyncrasies of the characters; Indravadan’s sneakiness, Maya’s snootiness and Monisha’s attitude towards money were laughable elements in itself.

Adding a scene from the Season 1 of the show, where Rosesh (Sarabhai’s younger son) recites one of it’s own kinds of poetry: