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How Google Doodle Celebrates New Year Eve?

So here it is folk, the last day of the year 2015 is here and timer starts for the beginning of the the new year.

Google marked the 2015 New Year’s Eve  with another adorable doodle. The doodle portrays the branch of a tree with cute colorful birds sitting on it around an unhatched egg representing 2016. The birds are waiting for the egg to hatch and are looking all ready to celebrate the occasion with one of the birds keeps pulling out a pocket watch, clearly impatient for the egg to hatch.

Further, below the doodle is a link which reads ”Watch and remember the moments of 2015”. The Link helps the user to explore all the the biggest moments of 2015 and the questions they inspired.

The current animation is the latest in a long line of festive doodles.

Recently on December 23, Google unveiled their Yuletide design by artist Robinson Wood who had created many festive characters and items that are inspired by paper-craft models and cut outs.

Previously in 2014, New Year’s doodles featured the letters G, O, O, G, L and E enjoying a party, playing football and dancing.

Recently, Google has also released a video titled “Year In Search 2015”.

Check out the amazing video by Google – Year In Search 2015: