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Google Offers Unlimited Free Storage of Photos, Videos

As announced on Thursday (May 28th, 2015), Google has now introduced a service to store and organize an unlimited number of photos and videos for free. The Google Photos app will be available on both Android and Apple devices and on a website, http://photos.google.com – supports pictures of up to 16 megapixels and 1080p high-definition video.

According to Google spokesperson, “Photos and videos become littered across mobile devices, old computers, hard drives and online services (which are constantly running out of space). It’s almost impossible to find that one photo right at the moment you need it, and sharing a bunch of photos at once is frustrating, often requiring special apps and logins. Google Photos will free people from the hassles of managing their picture and video libraries, much like Google’s Gmail service eased the burden of sifting through email boxes by offering larger storage capacities and a powerful search engine.”

Google Photos is importing technology from Google Plus to automatically sort images into common bundles tied together by a vacation destination, activity, or even species of animal. Other tools will automatically create slideshows and albums accompanied by music. One of the biggest challenges facing Google Inc. is whether it will be able to lure people away from other services that have been around for years.

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Source: ABC News