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Google Photos : A Smart way to stock your memories

It’s often a task to sort the overwhelming number of poster shots after a vacation. People generally tend to take numerous pictures, sometimes in a similar pose, to sort them later and make a personal collection. To avoid all such photo sorting blues, Google has come up with ‘Google Photos’

First & foremost, ‘Google Photos App’ will now suggest a new album to users after they have been to an event or a trip. Thereafter, it will also curate the “best shots” that a user has taken.

In addition, it will also integrate maps to add location details and describe how far someone has travelled, while identifying famous landmarks seen in a photo. Users can add text captions to the album, and quickly turn on collaboration to let their friends and family members to add their own photos to the album as well.

Google Photos
Google Photos

In order to identify the “best” photos, Google Photos uses machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence where a computer has been trained to “learn” to recognize images, including more subjective variables such as whether they are in focus or well-composed.

In order to create the albums, Google Photos also determines how long a vacation lasted by examining how long a user has been away from home using information from a camera’s data or by analyzing information such as flight receipts identified by its Google Now virtual assistant.

The new updates are available on the Google Photos app for Android, Apple’s iOS and the web version. Tapping the “Assistant” tab at the bottom of the screen would bring up any new Albums the app has created.

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