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‘Green Corridors’ created in Delhi-GGN to transport Live Organs

On Thursday (Apr 28th) 4 Green Corridor Channels were created in Delhi, Gurgaon and Indore – in an attempt to transport live organs to save the lives of critically ill patients. With medical advancements, it is quite possible to transplant organs in human body, however availability of a suitable donor, at the right time, becomes critically important.

The four organs that were donated – a heart, liver and two kidneys – belonged to an 18-year-old newspaper vendor in Indore, Deepak Dhaketa. Deepak, a road accident victim, was declared brought dead by doctors at Indore’s Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) the previous day.

Doctors persuaded his family to donate the organs after three counselling sessions.

The heart and a liver were brought via an air ambulance from Indore to New Delhi. While the heart was rushed to Gurgaon-based Medanta hospital situated in Sector 38, liver was transported to ILBS in New Delhi. It took 16 minutes for heart to reach Medanta hospital, which is located about 18 kilometer from the airport.

Traffic Hauled
Traffic Hauled

With the coordination of the Delhi and Gurgaon Traffic police, the traffic was stopped at entry and exit points on National Highway 8 for sometime in order to facilitate fast traffic-free movement to the ambulance.

“Green Corridor’ is Internationally recognized attempt – where a channel with non-stop thoroughfare is created; for vehicles transporting vital organs to any part of the State

Source: TOI