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Heartbreaking earthquake in Nepal: Took away thousands of lives in just a few minutes

On Saturday morning (25th Apr 2105) there was a massive earthquake with a measure of 7.9 in magnitude, centered at less than 50 miles from the capital Kathmandu. It also caused tremors in parts of Northern India as well. The unfortunate incident lead to a death toll of more than 4,400 people and an additional 5,000 has been injured. It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.

The Government of India has been very proactive to, via the Indian Armed Forces, initiated “Operation Maitri”, a humanitarian mission with the primary objective of conducting relief and rescue operations in Nepal.

The rescue operations including trucks with relief material, team of doctors, first aid-camps have been set up at all the earthquake-struck sites. However, the Nepal PM openly admits that the rescue operations have not been effective showcasing the ill-equipped governing authorities. The drinking water, hospital beds, gasoline, electricity and sanitary facilities – everything has been in short supply.

Prashant Jha, a Nepal-born journalist with the Hindustan Times newspaper comments, “One cannot predict when such disasters happen, but we’ve been told over the last 20 years that it would happen. When it did occur, was the Nepali state in a position to cope with it? I don’t want to be too harsh at this moment, but the answer is clearly no.”

But in the times of need, Nepalese are turning to the only people they can usually rely on: one another. We pass on our condolences to all the families who lost their near & dear ones in this calamity and sympathies with the entire nation. This shows us that no matter how much we try to control things, nature always surprises us and there is no bigger a power that the super power up there.

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