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Heatwave killed 800 across India; here’s what we can do to stay cool!

Temperature is soaring high and the brutal climate conditions led to death of more than 800 across the country over a fortnight. The southern neighbours Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were worst sufferers whereas torrid temperatures melted roads in the national capital and forced people to stay indoors.

Hospitals were on alert to treat victims of heatstroke and authorities advised people to stay indoors with no end in sight to the searing conditions.

The meteorological department issued “red box” warnings for Odisha, Jharkhand and coastal Andhra Pradesh, signalling high chances of heatstroke, dehydration and fatality with temperatures inching upwards of 45°C and conditions worsened by constant dry, sweltering winds.

Civic authorities launched several educational programs to advise people to stay indoors and ways to keep their bodies hydrated. The authorities should also provide adequate water facility, power access and key resources for the underprivileged ones. Allocating handpumps in rural areas, supply of water tanks to remote locations and in-time medical aid can surely help in the survival of many.

For those, who have access to basic civic amenities should follow these tricks to STAY COOL this summer:

  • Dress Up Loosely: Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color. Cotton clothing will keep you cooler than many synthetics.
  • Drink Plenty of WATER: Do not wait to be thirsty to have water. Keep yourselves hydrated. Try different combinations such as lemonade, ginger ale, fresh juices.
  • Avoid caffeine or alcoholic beverages
  • Frequent Showers: Take frequent baths or showers with cool or tepid water.
  • Must have for outdoors: Carry your sunglasses, scarf/hat and a bottle of water for urgency – whenever you step out of the house
  • Eat Appropriate: Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare including frequent small meals or snacks containing salads, cold fruit or low fat dairy products such as curd, lassi, buttermilk, fruit-shakes.
  • Stay in Cooler indoors: If you don’t have air-conditioning, arrange to spend at least parts of the day in a shopping mall, public library, movie theater, or other public space that is cool.
  • Be Alert: Be aware of the signs that your body is giving out. Notice if your heart rate is increasing or if the colour of your urine is darker than before. If yes, get out of the sun and start consuming the right foods.

Stay Cool to beat this Summer heat! Take Care.

Source: Hindustan Times, TOI